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  • Chen, Yiyi & Tang, John: Forward to the First Issue: Ideology Self-conscious Scholarship and Knowledge without Borders? We Try.

  • Cao, Liu: A debate of “the Most Important Policy” under the “Imperial Ancestors’ Family Instructions” in Song Dynasty

  • Deng, Zhangying: Pollard script’s creation and spread

  • Fang, Kairui: Rewriting in Tanyingxiaolu and Late Qing intellectuals’ national sentiments

  • Li, Jianqiang: A comparative study of P.2855 Khotanese Dhāra?ī versions

  • Li, Yuejin: A Brief Review of the influence of Chinese literature on the West

  • Luo, Hong: Chinese Translation of Kālidāsa’s Rtusamhāra

  • Shi, Jinbo: Interactions of Tangut studies between China and Russia

  • Sun, Yuwen: The significances of the study of Chinese cognates in the research of Chinese language history

  • Tan, Dailong: On “yào-yān” in Chinese Buddhist Scriptures

  • Wang, Pengfei: On the variation in dissemination and influence of international literature

  • Wang, Xiangyuan: The modernization of ethnic literature is national literature: On the formation and promotion of national literature

  • Wang, Yunzhi: Discovery of ancient graphic symbols along the Yellow River Basin in recent decades

  • Xu, Wenkan: On Cultural Relationships Between Old Turks and Iran

  • Zang, Kehe: The development of Chinese picto-phonetic characters and cognitive mechanisms

  • Zeng, Qiong: Seeking the inner reality of the poet between facts and truth: A study on biographies on Rabindranath Tagore
    曾琼,Manabendra Mukhopadhayay:寻找诗人的真实:在事实与真理之间——泰戈尔传记研究

  • Book Reviews

  • Pan, Shan: REVIEW OF Jon May & Nigel Thrift’s critical geography of temporality
    潘珊:Jon May & Nigel Thrift (编辑)《时空:当下之地理》

  • Ren, Xiankai: REVIEW OF Charles J. Alber’s two biographies for Ding Ling, well-known woman writer in Modern China
    任显楷:Charles J. Alber《忍受革命:丁玲与国民党中国的文学政策》和《拥抱谎言:丁玲与中华人民共和国的文学政策》

  • Tang, John: REVIEW OF Zhou Jixu’s comparative study of Chinese and Indo-European probably related lexical series

  • Wang, Yuanlu: REVIEW OF Joseph F. Rock’s Nakhi-English encyclopedic dictionary (Vol. I) and the Chinese translation
    王元鹿:Joseph F. Rock《纳西语英语百科词典》

  • Zhong, Han: REVIEW OF Liu Pujiang’s miscellaneous studies of history of Liao (Khitan) and Jin (Jurchen) Dynasties