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  • DENG Feng & John TANG: On the Topic of “Cold War”

  • Bernd SCHAEFER: Indonesia and the world in 1965

  • DENG Feng: Negotiations before negotiations: China's alliance politics and the prelude to the Kaesong talks, 1950-1951

  • ZHAI Qiang: Mao’s China and Romania: In the shadow of Sino-Soviet relations

  • Burenjargal & Erdenbuhe: Mongolian transition after the end of the Cold War

  • LYU Hao: One solution to the problem of zhuanzhu

  • LIN Hang: To rule in accordance with local customs: The dual political system of the Khitan-Liao Dynasty

  • Book Reviews

  • Thomas A. SCHWARTZ: Chris TUDDA: A Cold War Turning Point: Nixon and China, 1969-1972

  • Balázs SZALONTAI: Matthew FOLEY: The Cold War and National Assertion in Southeast Asia

  • WANG Hanyu: Oyonchi & John TANG (eds.): Acta Linguistica et Litteraturaria Sinica Occidentalia: Vol. VIII • Monograph for Khitan Studies

  • YANG Meng: WU Jing [tr.]: The Choice: Poland, 1939-1945, Irene EBER

  • Daniela ZHANG-CZIRAKOVA: Martina BUCKOVA, Maui: Polynesian Culture Hero, Variations of Motifs in Maui´s Mythological Cycle in East and West Polynesia

  • ZHAO Jike: Feroz Hassan KHAN: Eating Grass: the Making of the Pakistani Bomb

  • ZHAO Pei: LI Changran: An Outline of the Academic History of the Study on Mencius in the Qing Dynasty

  • ZHAO Ting: MENG Zhenhua: Society of Yehud and the Redaction of the Bible in the Persian Period