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  • Xu, Zheping: The Window for Understanding the Soul of Jewish Culture—On Learning the Hebrew Language

  • Fu, Youde: Between the Tradition and Modernity: Reform of Judaism and its Implication for the Building of the Chinese Culture

  • Zhong, Zhiqing: On the Canonization of Oz’s Works in China

  • Chen, Yiyi: Zionism Discourse and the Hebrew Bible Narrative

  • Feng, Jihua: The Development of Israeli Party Politics

  • Sammy Smooha: The Model of Ethnic Democracy: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State
    Sammy Smooha:民族民主的模式:以色列作为一个犹太的民主国家

  • Wang, Yu: A Brief Analysis on the Arab Minority Group in Israel

  • Zhang, Qianhong & Song, Jingjing: The impact of "Six-Day War" on Israeli society
    张倩红, 宋静静:“六日战争”对以色列社会的影响

  • Wang, Suolao: The Religious Factors in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • Elie Rekhess: Political Islam in the Palestinian Society
    Elie Rekhess:巴勒斯坦社会中的政治伊斯兰教

  • Ilan Troen: Accommodation with the Arabs of Palestine
    Ilan Troen:与巴勒斯坦阿拉伯人共处

  • Itzhak Galnoor: The Zionist Debates on Partition (1919–1947)
    Itzhak Galnoor:关于分治问题的犹太复国主义辩论(1919–1947)

  • Xiao, Xian: Israel and Jews around the World

  • Xu, Xin: American Jews and the US-Israeli Relations

  • Yin, Gang: Restraint and Regret, Sixty-Year Relationship between China and Israel