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  • Chen, Yiyi & Zhang, Ying: From the Editor.

  • Chen, Yiyi: Text-centric Chinese translation of the Hebrew Bible Based on the Understanding of Israelite religion in and Ancient Near East Context of the Bible

  • Chia, Philip: Biblical Studies in the Rising Asia: An Asian Perspective on the Future of the Biblical Past

  • Gu, Hongliang: John Dewey’s Idea of Evolution and Evolutionism as a Method

  • Huang, Wei: Death in the Hebrew Bible

  • Jiang, Zongqiang: Biblical Interpretation from the Perspective of Asian Culture: A Review to Archie Lee’s “Cross-Textual Hermeneutics” on Biblical Studies

  • Lee, Chi Chung Archie: Death and the Perception of the Divine in Zhuang Zi and Qohelet

  • Lin, Yan: Separation of Heaven and Human and Oneness of Heaven and Human: The Relationship between Divine and Human from Genesis 1-3 and Creation Myths in Ancient Chinese Texts

  • Li, Rui: Traditional Ology or Western Methodology: the Origins and Problems of “Cengleishuo”

  • Ma, Hongli: The Comparison of the Different Contextualization Manners Expressed in the Mandarin Union Version and Wenli Union Version

  • Muraoka, Takamitsu: Biblical Studies: An Asian Perspective

  • Tian, Haihua: Literary Context of the Decalogue and Its Different Versions in the Hebrew Bible

  • Wu, Liwei: Why Should We Value the Cross-disciplines Approach when studying the history of Sino-western Cultural Relationship: A Reflection on the Chinese Study of “Nestorian Church”

  • Zhang, Qingxiong: The Market Dimension and the Transcendent Dimension of Religion

  • Book Reviews

  • Bai, Gang: REVIEW OF Choon Leong Soew’s A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Chinese Translation)
    白钢:[美]萧俊良:《希伯来文〈圣经〉语法教程》(费英高、鲁思豪[译],刘平[校] 上海:华东师范大学出版社2008年版)

  • Han, Chao: REVIEW OF Gong, Huanan’s Sapor and Taste

  • Qian, Liqing: REVIEW OF Zhang, Qingxiong’s Tao, Life and Responsibility

  • Rao, Benzhong: REVIEW OF Chinese translation of The Women of Ancient Israel and the Primitive Jewish Civilization
    饶本忠:[以]迈耶·I·格鲁伯(Mayer I. Gruber):《古代以色列妇女和早期犹太文明》(北京:中国社会科学出版社2009年版)