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  • Chen, Yiyi & John Tang: From the Editor.

  • Chen,Yuzhu: A Study on the Manuscript of Fortune Book about Twenty-eight Stars in Dunhuang

  • Huang, Yong: The Cheng Brothers on Virtue (de 德): Is a Virtuous Person Self-Centered?

  • Tang, Yijie: Immanence and Transcendence In Chinese Chan Buddhism

  • Tong, Ling: A Research on the Chinese Translation of Ancient Indian Serpent Demons Nāga
    童岭:汉译印度古蛇怪“那伽”(Nāga )肊考

  • Woesler, Martin: “To Amuse the Beaux and Belles” The Early Western Reception of the Hongloumeng
    吴漠汀: “俊男美女的调笑 ” —— 西方早期《红楼梦》接受研究

  • Wu, Yun: A Comparison of the Ideas of Authority between Christianity and Confucianism—From the Perspective of the Idea of “Fear”
    武云: 基督宗教与儒家权威观的比较——从“畏”的观念看

  • Xiao, Qinghe: Critique and Reform: the Encounter of Catholicism with Taoist Culture during Late Ming and Early Qing

  • Xuan, Yue: The Conditions of Semantic Focus on "chayidian mei VP" in Contemporary Chinese

  • Yao, Xiaoping: Definitions of Parts of Speech in Early Chinese-European Dictionaries: From R. Morrison’s A Dictionary of the Chinese Language (1819) to S. W. Williams’ A Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language (1874)

  • Zhang, Xuesong: The Construction Construction of the TaoistTaoist Figure Figure Ji -Zixun: On the First First Christian Entry into China
    張雪松:漢末方仙薊子訓的『原型』 探析—— 兼論基督宗教最初入華時間

  • Zheng, Jinhuai: A Survey of Lao She’s Contributions to Sino-Western Literary Exchanges

  • Book Reviews

  • Gao, Shanshan: REVIEW OF Douglas T. McGetchin, Indology, Indomania, And Orientalism: Ancient India's Rebirth in Modern Germany, Madison, Teaneck: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2009.
    高山杉(评):麦格金:《印度学、印度热、东方学:古印度在近代德国的重生》,(Madison, Teaneck: Fairleigh Dickinson大学出版社2009年版)

  • Liu, Zaicong & Zhang, Xiaohu: REVIEW OF Yin, Weixian, Yang, Fuxue, Wei, Mingkong: A History of Gansu (Volume for the Sui-Tang and the Five Dynasties Period)
    刘再聪、张小虎(评): 尹伟先、杨富学、魏明孔:《甘肃通史(隋唐五代卷)》,(兰州:甘肃人民出版社2009年版)

  • Sun, Feng: REVIEW OF Zhili Sun: China’s Translation of British and American Literature: 1949-2008
    孙峰(评): 孙致礼:《中国的英美文学翻译:1949-2008》,(南京:译林出版社2009年版)

  • Wu, Yuhong & Liu, Changyu: REVIEW OF (four books) Chen, Xiaohong & Mao, Rui, Lost Civilization: Babylon; Zhao, Shuxian, Babylon: A Dormant Civilization's Dream and Awakening; Liu, Qingzi, Mesopotamia: Lost Glory; Zhang, Jian & Yuan, Yuan, Babylonian Civilization

  • Xu, Weixiang: REVIEW OF Shen, Emei & Liu, Xirong translate, Il Nome della Rosa