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  • John Tang: From the Editor: Hongloumeng Medio-Translatology and Oriental Studies

  • Chen, Yongsheng: A comparative study of the differences between the methods of recording the sound of words of Ancient Chinese writing and of Egyptian hieroglyphic

  • Deng, Zhangying: A study of the Malimasha script

  • Fang, Kairui: Modes of rewriting in early fiction translation in China: A study centered on Yishuiqishinian and Tanyingxiaolu

  • Gray, Ronald: The Stone’s curious voyage to the West: A brisk overview of Hongloumeng’s English translation history and English Hongxue

  • Čarnogurská, Marina: The metaphysical visions in Dao De Jing and Wenzi, and the modern knowledge about the fundamental being

  • Katz-Goehr, Amira: A dream of translating the Dream into Hebrew

  • Li, Lin: How Christianity and Islam adapt to Chinese culture? Comparison, problem and prospect

  • Tan, Beizhan: On the characteristics of Hongloumeng’s overseas propagation

  • Wang, Weimin & Zeng, Xingfang: A comparative analysis of the two English versions of the dialogue between Jia Mu and Liu Laolao from transitivity perspective: When Liu Laolao made her second visit to Rongguofu

  • Woesler, Martin: Being explicit about the implicit: John Minford and his translation of the last forty chapters of Hongloumeng with a focus on the sexually arousing scenes

  • Xu, Wenkan: Beyond deciphering: An overview of Tocharian studies over the past thirty years

  • Zhao, Dong Mei & Woo, Choonhee: On the idiom translation of the Korean version of Hongloumeng

  • Book Reviews

  • Wang, Hongfei: REVIEW OFWang Haili Pharaohs and Scholars: a History of Egyptology

  • Wang, Junqi: REVIEW OF Zhu Suli (ed.), Local Resources of the Rule of Law

  • Yuan, Xiangqin: REVIEW OF Katsumi Masaru (ed.), The History of ABC