ISSN for Online Version: 1946-6188
ISSN for Printed Version: 2153-0114



The journal covers the following topics

1、Problem and solution driven research that helps to improve China's interaction with the world;
2、Sino-west cultural communications along the Silk Road, both the land route and the sea route;
3、Interaction between Chinese classic culture and western cultures;
4、The origin and development of Sinology;
5、Conflicts and wars between China and the west during the past several centuries, and their cultural backgrounds and implications;
6、Contemporary interactions between the Chinese and the western culture from a historical perspective;
7、Other topics and issues that are related to Sino-west communications, and have been the research subjects of many scholars around the world;
8、Interaction between the Bible and China, including, but not limited to, Chinese Bible translations, history of Christian missionaries to China, etc.

How is this Journal different from others in the digital and Internet age?

   Today we are in the most advanced stage of digital and Internet age that human being has ever experienced. The scholarly community has benefited tremendously from the internet. It is certain that despite all the difficulties and hiccups, this trend will still advance in a generally positive way.

    One of the spirits of this age is the ability for scholars to access public domain knowledge and information whenever and wherever she or he desires (think What this journal is trying to do is to provide scholars in the field to publish their scholarly findings to the interested peers and students at the earliest possible moment, voluntarily to let other scholars and students to view and quote the article free of charge, while still maintain the copyright of it, and reserve the right to publish it in printed format, either in another scholarly journal, or in this journal's printed edition. More details can be found at the copyrights section.