Please refer to the following for additional information.

Submissions should be sent to the General Editor Email Address: in electronic form, preferably as attachments and in MS-Word format. If possible, please attach also a PDF version of the text. Presentation of a hard copy of the article is optional. Submissions should include a short abstract of the article. The article will be reviewed anonymously by two experts in relevant field(s).

Please note the following:

1, The language of the articles in this journal is simplified Chinese or English.
2, If the article requires non-English/Chinese fonts, the font must be a Unicode font that is freely available for scholars.
3, If the article requires transliteration, use only Unicode fonts.
4, Please use any style sheet you are comfortable with and be consistent, and acceptable to at least another English language scholarly journal.
5, The editorial board reserves the right to slightly modify your style of notations when deemed necessary.
6, In case when large amount of modification is required, the editor responsible for your article will send you a style sheet file (in either PDF or MS Word format) for your reference so that you can format your submission accordingly.